Ktav Et is an interdisciplinary international on-line journal, designed exclusively for aspiring (pre-Ph.D.) researchers in Jewish Studies.

The idea of Ktav Et had originated from the knowledge that transition from being an aspiring academic to becoming an acknowledged scholar is a demanding process. One essential step in this development involves publishing in an academic journal. Yet Jewish studies students and beginner researchers rarely or never get a chance to publish their work; as existing academic journals are reserved for experienced and established scholars.


Thus Ktav Et is a new and innovative attempt at promoting scholarly development at the earliest stages of an academic’s career. Its mission is to give the opportunity for young researchers, to publish their work and motivate them to further academic and individual advancement.


The authors of Ktav Et project are Aleksandra Ziółek and Magda Sara Szwabowicz, both graduates of Hebrew Studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw. In August 2010 they participated in The Paideia-Project Incubator with Ktav Et project. It was while attending this workshop that the idea of Ktav Et was elaborated and concretized. The feedback and support received in Stockholm was both instructive and invaluable.


Ktav Et is designed to be quarterly containing articles in English or Hebrew reviewed by the academic board.